Call for Papers

Upcoming Special Issue of MFS Modern Fiction Studies


Guest Editors: Sophia Beal, Bruce Robbins, and Michael Rubenstein
Deadline for Submissions: Complete article submissions in September 2014


We are soliciting abstracts and articles for a guest-edited special issue of MFS Modern Fiction Studies, scheduled for publication in Fall 2015. We seek essays that explore the ways that modern and contemporary fictions from around the world evolve in dialogue with modern infrastructual forms – water supply systems, roads, bridges, electrical grids, electronic networks, gasworks, sewers, waste treatment plants, schools, hospitals, prisons, libraries, and the like. We are as interested in fictions that engage infrastructure on a formal level as we are in fictions that thematize infrastructure. And we wish the issue to operate comparatively to show how the uneven development of various kinds of infrastructures might impinge on fictional forms from colonial, postcolonial, and neocolonial cores and peripheries.

Essays should be 7,000–8,500 words, including all quotations and bibliographic references, and should follow the MLA Style Manual (7th edition) for internal citation and works cited.

Please submit your essay via the online submission form at the following web address:

Send queries and abstracts to Michael Rubenstein at infrastructuralism(at)

To download this call for papers as a PDF, please click here.

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